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Peter's Story - Introduction

Powerfully impacted at age 19 by a serious car accident, Peter Jeppson knows first-hand the crushing burden of the financial problems facing most people today. After Peter was terribly burned in this auto accident, he spent several months in St. Luke Hospital’s ICU in Boise, Idaho before being referred to specialists in Salt Lake City.  Doctor Woolf and Broadbent had the skills to graft in new eyelids with tear ducts, add his nose, lips and add one ear.

As a Freshman in college, Peter was age 19 and had the whole world before him. Why did he need to purchase health insurance? Yet this accident created several debts to various doctors and the St. Luke Hospital in Boise, Idaho. Medical costs skyrocketed inside the ICU and isolation due to having lost nearly 50% of his skin. Staff infection was a huge concern. So, the amount of money he owed to the doctors and hospital became an enormous amount.

Peter’s older brother Bill, brought The Richest Man in Babylon (RMIB) book to Peter so his family could read to him when they visited. RMIB gave Peter hope that when he healed enough to be released from the hospital, he might be able to Power Down these debts quicker than 40 years. On paper the math showed that by using the Snowball Effect the debt incurred in the Boise Hospital would be gone in 5 short years. Peter did not believe the math, but was willing to keep track and see how it would work

RMIB taught the principle - and the mathematics confirmed it worked – and then Peter actually lived it. The date of the auto accident was in 1965, when no handheld calculators existed. Computers were still several decades away. It was not easy to use pencil and paper and prove that math that the Snowball Effect would eliminate all medical debts within 5 years. Peter did the math and tracked it and in 5 years debts were gone. Though Peter was disfigured and could have been discouraged, he was out of debt! His self-esteem exploded. This short book, teaching simple lessons, allowed Peter a clear vision that all could be back normal again.
Here are pictures that help tell the story:

High School Graduation

Burned in the hospital.

Peter in 1970 starting to sell insurance and financial services.

Peter today, 50 years later, as a true professional with lots of experience still teaching people the principles found in the marvelous book RMIB.